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The tutoring program is the foundation of The Odyssey School’s academic program.  Each Odyssey student engages in fifty minutes of daily tutoring of reading and writing skills with a specially trained teacher who tailors every session to the child’s particular needs.  Students receive a daily 1:1 or 1:2 teacher-student tutoring session in addition to a fifty-minute language class each day.

In tutoring sessions, the ultimate goal is the development of language and literacy skills. The students’ abilities to understand the inner workings of language are accomplished through direct, explicit, and systematic teaching instruction. Sessions are designed to sequentially review and reinforce skill development at the individual’s pace of learning. The Odyssey tutoring program provides an opportunity for the students to develop their potential as bright, capable, self-reliant, and lifelong learners.

Specific areas targeted in tutoring include phonological awareness, decoding, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary development, and written expression. In addition, word processing, organization and study skills may be incorporated in the tutoring session.

With careful review and analysis of informal assessments in daily tutoring activities and previous tutoring progress reports, the tutor develops goals and objectives for each student. These goals and objectives provide for a highly individualized program addressing the strengths and needs of the student. In order to carry out this personalized program, our tutors are trained in a variety of programs and incorporate the most effective teaching methods that have been validated by significant research in the field of language-based learning.

Two of the signature programs used at The Odyssey School are the Phono-Graphix Reading Method and the EmPOWERWriting Program. Phono-Graphix is a structured, systematic, multi-sensory reading and spelling program that is based on phonemic awareness and alphabetic code knowledge with an emphasis on strategy instruction rather than rule memorization. This proven reading methodology meets the criteria established by the International Dyslexia Association and the research from the Florida Reading Research Center. 




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