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November 4, 2021

A Bird’s-Eye View from your Director of Admissions

 Sharing Expertise – Odyssey’s New Mindfulness Newsletter

Ms. Grace Kim, Odyssey’s School Counselor, has initiated a new Mindfulness Newsletter that adds to our teachers’ understanding and expertise of mindfulness practice in the classroom.  Each week, Ms. Kim shares ideas and suggestions for mindfulness activities that help calm and clear the mind of both students and teachers.

The research of Dr. Patricia A. Jennings, author of Mindfulness for Teachers, supports the positive connection between student learning and mindfulness.

Just as physical exercise builds strength, flexibility, and endurance in your body mindful awareness practice builds cognitive and emotional skills that cultivate inner strength, resilience, a sense of purpose, and the capacity for continuous learning and flexible adaptation in the face of change and life’s challenges (Jennings, 2015).

“Odyssey has continuously provided training for our teachers in evidence-based mindfulness theory and practice.  We’ve teamed up with a wide range of mindfulness experts, who have worked with both our teachers and students,” Ms. Kim explained.  “There are so many wonderful mindfulness activities available! I wanted to make it easier for our teachers to incorporate them into their daily teaching.  Our new Mindfulness Newsletter is doing just that.”

Each week, the Mindfulness Newsletter covers a different mindfulness theme.  So far, themes have included music, sports, and yoga.  Suggestions also include how to create a safe environment for students to practice mindfulness and use their practice to distract from anxious thoughts.

Ms. Kim recommends that parents incorporate mindfulness practice into their family’s daily routine.  Try this activity with your child!