A Bird’s-Eye View from your Director of Admissions

September 10, 2020


What do you get when you combine Art + Library + TALC class? ALT is a new, creative class taught by Odyssey’s art, library and TALC (Talking and Listening Class) teachers for our Lower School students.  It developed out of an opportunity that presented itself in distance learning.  Ms. Kesling St. Denis (LS Art Chair), Mrs. Dorothy Hampton (Librarian), and Ms. Grace Kim (School Counselor) captured this unique opportunity to bring three departments together into one dynamic class.  This model was borne from their experience in spring distance learning, where they provided students with a creative, fun, and social outlet to be with friends and teachers in a non-traditional academic setting.

ALT classes include various elements from the traditional classes, including book read alouds, conversations on emotions and empathy, and artwork. ALT’s curriculum themes include: self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and art, media, and culture. Each lesson is crafted to fit under one (or more) of these umbrella topics.

 The ALT class model depends on and benefits from three teachers working together simultaneously, as it allows each of them an opportunity to meet the students’ needs in a more personal way, similar to how they would provide individualized attention to students when all together in one room.

“We experience wonderful synergy and provide an outlet that can give the students a less stressful class where they can be heard and talk but also explore art, their feelings and emotions, all the while being exposed to literature,” shared Mrs. Hampton enthusiastically.