Michael A. Brown, Sr., new Lower School Head, joined Odyssey in June 2020, just as the reality of COVID-19 was settling in.  Dealing with the “new normal” might have been daunting, but Mr. Brown has added his bright spark to the Odyssey community sharing positivity and joy. When asked about his first year at Odyssey, Mr. Brown enthusiastically replied, “It has been a wonderful experience!” 

Mr. Brown is a talented teacher and an experienced administrator.  He worked at St. Paul’s School for Girls for nine years where he taught math and was a team leader. He served as the principal of FCF Academy, a school with students pre-K through 8th grade. In addition, Mr. Brown was the Assistant Middle School Head, Director of Diversity and Inclusivity, and the Director of the Center for Academic Excellence at Maryvale Preparatory School.  “It is my season of leadership,” Mr. Brown aptly put it.  He had visited Odyssey a year previously and connected with Marty Sweeney, Head of School.  When the Lower School Head opportunity became available, it was a perfect match. “And my first year at Odyssey has been nothing short of that,” shared Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown’s experience as a father helps him better understand his students and relate to the concerns of parents. Mr. Brown is married and the father of three adult children.  His youngest daughter is currently in medical school.  His middle daughter works in public health at Johns Hopkins University and his oldest son is a law school graduate.  His wife is a therapist at Kennedy Krieger.

Mr. Brown grew up in Baltimore and attended Morgan State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He earned his master’s of education degree in School Leadership from Goucher College. 

In his spare time, Mr. Brown’s passion is singing.  He primarily preforms as a soloist, singing concerts for retirement communities.  “I love singing Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole songs, and seniors really share my love of this kind of music,” said Mr. Brown. During a recent pre-pandemic year, Mr. Brown gave over 150 concerts. Not surprisingly, Mr. Brown said, “Singing is fun and I enjoy it!” 

This year, Mr. Brown’s biggest challenge has been not being able to meet with parents in person.  “We’ve done well connecting by phone or over Zoom, but I’m looking forward to the connectivity that happens when you meet in person,” he added.

Mr. Brown’s positivity shines through as he smiles and concludes, “I’ve had a wonderful experience at Odyssey this first year.  I’m working with dynamic teachers and enjoying getting to know the students. It has been great!”

A friend once told Mr. Brown that he has two gifts, music and administration.  Odyssey is so blessed to welcome Mr. Brown and his wonderful gifts to our community.