Odyssey Remembers Donald R. Heacock

Odyssey Remembers Donald R. Heacock

To the Odyssey School community:

We are deeply saddened to share that Donald R. Heacock, a wonderful friend to Odyssey, passed away on September 13. 

Donald Heacock served on Odyssey’s Board of Trustees from 1994 until 2003, serving as the Chairman from 1999 to 2003. He had a profound impact on Odyssey in our School’s formative years, providing critical strategic planning to the Board’s earliest conversations. Lovingly known as Mr. Integrity, Don approached every conversation, every decision, with unyielding kindness, character, vision, and shrewd intelligence. While Don was not dyslexic, nor were his children, he made Odyssey’s cause his cause and worked tirelessly to ensure the School’s success.

Don was instrumental in so many key efforts for our School. He helped us secure the land, 42 acres in Greenspring Valley, on which Odyssey now sits. He provided leadership and support during the efforts to raise funds for our move from Roland Avenue to a new building on that land. He served a critical role during Odyssey’s first Accreditation by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) as well as during the revision of Odyssey’s Long Range Plan. During his time on the Board, Don led by example, demonstrating Odyssey’s Four Pillars—kindness, honesty, respect, and hard work—in everything he did.

Don truly inspired those around him, his fellow Trustees, faculty members, administrators, and beyond, with his wisdom and his commitment to Odyssey. His efforts are ones that our students continue to feel, and ones that will continue to impact our School for generations. Endlessly supportive of Odyssey’s teachers, Don often mentioned that, while Odyssey is blessed with a beautiful building and incredible grounds, our teachers would be just as effective teaching anywhere. 

We thank Don for his tireless commitment to and love of Odyssey and for all the countless ways in which he helped us become the School we are today.