The Odyssey School announces $5 million gift from the James F. Knott Family

The Odyssey School announces $5 million gift from the James F. Knott Family

Lutherville, Md. — January 11, 2023 — The Odyssey School is thrilled to announce a $5 million matching gift from the James F. Knott Family, the largest single gift to The Odyssey School since its founding in 1994. This gift and the associated efforts for additional fundraising will support the expansion and improvement of Odyssey’s facilities to include the building of a dedicated cafeteria, meeting space for professional development and outreach efforts, and additional classroom space.

Upon announcing the gift on behalf of his family, Odyssey Trustee and parent James F. Knott, Jr. said, “There was a time when children who suffered with dyslexia and other learning afflictions had to quietly endure the associated humiliation, with little chance to reach their full potential. Odyssey has changed this. Built upon understanding the difficulties these children face and through a focused, small group, self-advocacy curriculum, Odyssey awakens the desire to learn, to be the best you can be, in each of its students. They graduate not just ready, but excited to take on the challenges of higher education and everyday life. Both of my daughters, Olivia and Isabel, are testimonial to Odyssey’s success. The financial gift by the James F. Knott family is made in the abiding belief that Odyssey serves the community in ways other institutions cannot. It is given for the betterment of the students and their families.”

“This is truly a transformative gift for The Odyssey School," said Odyssey Head of School, Martha Sweeney. "In making this gift, the Knott family is demonstrating their commitment to making certain that the Odyssey’s facilities reflect our dynamic and vibrant school community and foster an environment where our incredible teachers can do what they do best — meet students where they are and build their confidence, competence, and love of learning. I am profoundly grateful to the James F. Knott family for their friendship and continued support of our Mission, for their belief in the power of an Odyssey education."

About The Odyssey School
The Odyssey School is an independent K-8 school that provides an excellent education to children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and other language learning differences. Odyssey offers an educational program using evidence-based teaching methods, small group instruction, and daily tutoring for individual skill building. Our program is designed to help children reach their full potential by challenging them intellectually while building the self-advocacy skills needed to meet the academic challenges of both high school and post-secondary education. Our Four Pillars of Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Hard Work are the foundation on which The Odyssey School is built. For more information, visit

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