Parents as Partners during Distance Learning

A Bird’s-Eye View from your Director of Admissions

June 13, 2020


Parents are essential partners while their students are learning from home.  Parents and teachers realized this immediately during the spring, as parents had new roles in “getting their children ready for school”. 


No more was the focus on getting dressed in proper uniform, packing lunch, or putting on shoes.  Now, parents helped their children with the technological side of being ready and engaged in their lessons. 


Odyssey knows that offering parents support in navigating the technology that makes distance learning successful is very important.  Clarifying Odyssey’s expectations about on-line etiquette, desk set-up, daily readiness, and necessary student supplies are all important pieces of information for parents to know.


Our Tech Team has been instrumental in responding to parent, as well as student, need for support.  In order to “Put the Child First”, as we promise, we thank our parents for continuing their positive partnership with Odyssey.