Welcome Mr. Matt Cowan, Middle School Head

Welcome Mr. Matt Cowan, Middle School Head

The Odyssey School enthusiastically welcomes our new Middle School Head, Mr. Matt Cowan.  Mr. Cowan has a wealth of expertise and experience. Most recently, he was the Assistant Head of the Wye River Upper School, a school serving students with learning differences.  At Wye River School, Mr. Cowan was involved in all aspects of school life and operations.  He focused on supporting students’ academic growth with evidence-based practices and pedagogy. As an administrative leader, he prioritized the promotion of a positive school culture and climate. He values thinking differently, teaching differently, and learning differently.

Mr. Cowan shared, “I was drawn to The Odyssey School because of its powerful mission and the transformative experience, which is an Odyssey education, specifically for students with language learning differences.  For most of my educational career, I have sought out opportunities in which I could cultivate the academic growth and diverse strengths of students with learning differences.  For that reason, I feel privileged to be joining this community.”

Previously, Mr. Cowan was Equity Leader and Teacher at Chesapeake Science Point Charter School.  Mr. Cowan began his teaching career at Wye River planning, differentiating, and accommodating for students with learning differences. 

Mr. Cowan earned a Certificate in School Management and Leadership at Harvard University.  He has a Master in the Arts of Teaching from Marygrove College and a Bachelor of Arts, Art History and Archeology from University of Maryland.

Last year, Mr. Cowan adopted a new puppy, adding lots of fun and energy to his home.  His loveable mutt, part Great Pyrenees and part husky, loves long walks and meeting other dogs.  His puppy, named Banksy, joins Mr. Cowan as he hikes and spends time outdoors. 

Additionally, Mr. Cowan is a film buff and likes any and every type of film.  He has an unlimited movie pass, and enjoys events in downtown D.C., including those at theaters and museums.

“Everyone at Odyssey has been so welcoming and I can tell that both parents and teachers understand Odyssey’s mission.  It is neat to be a part of this positive and joyful community,” shared Mr. Cowan.

Mr. Cowan looks forward to supporting the mission and strategic growth of The Odyssey School while emphasizing a nurturing and specialized educational experience for students with learning differences, as well as developing relationships with faculty, staff and families.

Welcome, Mr. Cowan!