Our Story

The Heart and Spirit of Our Founding Families

The Odyssey School was founded on the belief that children learn differently from one another and that each child should be educated according to his or her strengths. The school had its inception on a summer evening in 1993, when a group of concerned parents found themselves without a school that could meet the needs of their children.

These motivated parents gathered and founded a new school for their children who were struggling in their current academic setting. They were committed to the ideal that their bright and capable children could find success and joy in learning, given the right environment. Recognizing the strengths and creative talents of their children, the parents were dedicated to creating a school environment where students were nurtured and felt the safety of spirit to stretch and challenge themselves.

Over the years, the capabilities and successes of our students have earned them acceptance into a myriad of schools where they have continued to grow their talents and contributed significantly.