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The Board of Trustees of The Odyssey School is the policy-making body of the school. It is responsible for the fiscal well-being, the philosophy and objectives of the institution, as well as the effective implementation of policy.


Suzanne R. Riedel, Chair

Matthew W. Hudson, Treasurer

Elizabeth L. Linehan, Secretary

R. Lockwood Curtis                           Susie S. Needle
Andrew Dripps             William I. Intner             P.J. Orthwein
Justin T. Gerbereux             Lisa Harris Jones             Scott D. Potter
Timothy A. Hodge, Jr.             Seth Jones Sr.             Albert N. "Chip" Smith, III
Crawford C. Hubbard             James F. Knott, Jr.             Paul A. Speargas
Blake L. Hyatt             Mark J. Maloney             Michael J. Weinfeld

Martha H. Sweeney

Christopher A. Pope, Honorary Trustee