Learning the skills and strategies in the context of rich content classes

Odyssey's goal for its students is for them to be empowered with the skills to appropriately plan, execute, and judge the quality of their work.


Students become equipped with the skills to become independent learners who can successfully understand, retain, retrieve, interpret and apply information learned from oral and written material. Students are encouraged to become stronger self- advocates in all of their content classes. A multitude of strategies are introduced, taught and practiced in the content classes in order for the students to gain expertise in learning how to learn the content.

Executive function skills taught and applied:

Time management
Test-taking strategies
Text book skills
Paraphrasing and summarization

Core Academic Classes are 50 minutes per class and include the following subjects:

Reading and Writing Tutoring, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math

Specials offered to students include the following:

Art, Music, Guitar, Library, Creative and Argument Writing, Physical Education, Technology, Genius Hour, SEL Class