Experts on Campus

Setting Up Our Students for Success Requires Considerable Expertise

The Odyssey School fosters a community of learning and expertise in the area of language learning differences by connecting families and faculty to experts in the field who have shared proven methods and strategies.

Every year, The Odyssey School makes a commitment to provide the most current professional development to each and every teacher from a variety of experts from the field of dyslexia education and learning differences.

Many of our experts not only train our teachers, but also provide their expertise to parents and to the outside community. The School provides regular parent education seminars where locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized presenters and specialists share their specialized knowledge. At times, guest speakers and presenters present to our students during assemblies.

Our goal is to enrich families, faculty, and student lives with the most up-to-date information about dyslexia and language learning differences. In addition, we have consultants who regularly present and mentor our faculty to ensure that our faculty continues to be current in best practices.