Let's Begin the Journey, Together

As you discover more about Odyssey, we believe you will experience a warm nurturing community.  Odyssey couples proven methods of teaching with expert teachers who partner with families to set each child up for success.

Odyssey teachers tailor their instruction to what research has proven to work for your child. The Odyssey teachers work as a team to understand the specific language and learning needs of the individual child, and to design an individualized program to meet those needs. An Odyssey education builds a positive attitude in our students about their potential to succeed as listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. Ultimately, we give the students the language skills that empower them to reach personal excellence and independence.




Contact Adrianne Cusick for a personalized tour at or 410-580-5551. 




Odyssey empowers children to develop their strengths, tackle their challenges, and feel the joyful spirit of learning.  Every child who walks through Odyssey’s front door is a bright, intelligent, and capable learner, and we recognize his or her many talents and gifts.

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The Odyssey School appreciates how vitally important specialized instruction is in the lives of students with dyslexia and other related language learning differences. As such, the School is committed to assisting families of qualified students who lack the financial resources to pay the full tuition. Over the past several years, the School has made substantial efforts to increase its financial aid dollars.

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We welcome you to come in for a personal tour and to see our students in action. The best way to get to know our program is by observing what we do.

Prospective parents are encouraged to schedule a personalized visit early in the admissions process. During your visit, you will have a chance to observe teachers and students, and meet with Adrianne Cusick, the Director of Admissions, to discuss your child and the Odyssey program.



Signs of dyslexia often go undetected and unrecognized in traditional academic settings. Left unidentified, students with dyslexia find reading and other language related skills difficult, and, as a result, become increasingly frustrated through their years of school.

Underachievement and diminishing self-esteem, a lack of confidence and a lack of love for learning become evident as the struggling student remains in a traditional academic setting.

It is critical that both teachers and parents have an awareness of dyslexia, and can work to identify presenting characteristics in the young child before the child begins to experience repeated failure and frustration.



A K- 8 School by Design

Odyssey creates a learning environment for students to acquire the skills to become competent, independent learners and strong self-advocates in all of their content classes.

In each subject area of the curriculum, students learn and apply the strategies for developing self-advocacy, and language and executive function skills. Living the Four Pillars of Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Hard Work at Odyssey are central to the life skills to guide, collaborate, lead and be responsible and influence all interactions among children and adults in the community. Equipped with these skills, Odyssey students are well prepared for the next steps in transitioning to life after Odyssey.