Alumni Profiles

The Odyssey School offers a variety of opportunities for students to discover and explore their many talents and aspirations.  Likewise, we encourage students to follow their passions as they embark on their respective journeys through high school and beyond.  It is perhaps our greatest reward when they return to share their success stories. 

What begins here changes everything! 

Corey Paige '06
Emily Senker '16
Lily McFarland '15
Sam Smyth '09
Ben Cabral '12
Kendall West '16
Harry Hinkle '16
Brier Ziegler '16
Jade Jennings '10
J. Redmond (Reds) Beam '03
Raphael Ayres '12
Peyton Dripps '13
Taylor Smyth '06
Andrew Townsend '09
Appy Townsend '12
Nikki Neuberger '14
Aidan Heitt '16
Abby Kowelewski '14
Carter L. Wilde '98
Jordan Surhoff '09
Shane O'Brien '05
Katie Ney '17
Alex Greif '07
Justin Smith '12
Blair Bennett '17
Ryan Wells '14
Dylan Clayton '12
Whitney Schweizer '08
Rex Beck '12
Gavin Seaman '18
Hank Ford '09