Application Process


We welcome you to come in for a personal tour and to see our students in action. 

The best way to get to know our program is by observing what we do.

Please contact Adrianne Cusick for a personalized tour at or 410-580-5551.


The Odyssey School is designed for students in grades K through 8th with language learning differences or dyslexia. The Odyssey student is a child of average to superior intelligence who has demonstrated difficulties in the acquisition of language skills (reading, writing, spelling, or at times, mathematical skills). Well-developed reasoning and comprehension skills with relative weaknesses in processing and working memory are characteristics of the Odyssey student. Students at Odyssey possess talents, gifts, and attributes that are demonstrated through their creativity, insight, curiosity, and originality. Our program is not designed to meet the needs of students with primary emotional, behavioral, or difficulties with attentional difficulties.


  1. Inquiry: Schedule a tour and visit to the School. Please contact Adrianne Cusick, Director of Admissions, at 410-580-5551 ext. 1004 or email
  2. Parent Visit: Families receive an application packet at the time of the visit and tour. Parents will have an opportunity to have an individual conversation with the Director of Admissions during their visit.
  3. Application: The application packet should be completed and submitted with the application fee of $ 75.00 to the Admissions Office. A full psycho-educational evaluation, administered by a qualified psychologist, is required in the admissions process. Speech and language evaluations and educational testing provide valuable information on a student's learning profile; however, these assessments do not replace a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation.
  4. Student Visit/Shadow Day: Following submission of the application, the applicant is invited to spend a day at Odyssey with an Odyssey student host. The child will follow a typical Odyssey day schedule with a particular class at his or her grade level.