Life After Odyssey

A K- 8 School by Design

Odyssey creates a learning environment for students to acquire the skills to become competent, independent learners, more aware of their strengths and learning needs, and strong self-advocates in all of their content classes.

In each subject area of the curriculum, students learn and apply the strategies for developing self-advocacy, and language and executive function skills. Living the Four Pillars of Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Hard Work at Odyssey are central to the life skills to guide, collaborate, lead and be responsible and influence all interactions among children and adults in the community. Equipped with these skills, Odyssey students are well prepared for the next steps in transitioning to life after Odyssey.

Partnering With Parents

The Odyssey School believes that partnering with parents to make careful decisions about the next phase in a child’s educational life is a vitally important part of the program. 

The transition process involves communication between the parents and the administrative team in order to provide each family with information and support as various educational offerings are considered. 

Throughout the individualized transition process, there is a sincere commitment to ensure on-going success in the lives of Odyssey students. Parents meet with administrators and are guided through the decision-making process and school search. Students may be ready to transition during their lower or middle school years. Discussions about a student’s readiness for such a transition can be initiated by either the school administration or the parents.