Proven Methods

The Odyssey School is committed to providing our students with evidence-based methods of instruction.

Every educator at Odyssey is a teacher of language. All teachers receive robust professional development training in specialized instruction for teaching students with dyslexia and language learning differences. As we maintain our priority of developing language proficiency in all our students, our team of speech-language pathologists facilitates oral and written language skill development in our students in all areas of our program.

Odyssey's Reading and Writing Programs


Intensive, Evidence-based, Speech to Text Instruction

Phono-Graphix is one of the evidence-based teaching methods that Odyssey's tutors employ in the daily reading instruction for students. It is a structured, systematic, multi-sensory reading and spelling program that is based on phonemic awareness and alphabetic code knowledge with an emphasis on strategy instruction rather than rule memorization.


Explicit, Consistent Instruction in Every Subject

EmPOWER is an expository writing program designed to systematize the writing process. Teachers and students alike use a common language and core set of strategies that reveal each stage of the writing process. Students learn to make conscious choices about their writing and how to effectively use specific strategies to manage its many components.

The methodologies for writing are used by every student in every class throughout his or her Odyssey experience. The process of completing a written assignment is made transparent by proceeding through pre-writing and post writing activities. Emphasis is placed on both the writing process and the quality of the finished product.

Our students are required to write with frequency and for varied purposes. Every teacher at Odyssey is trained to adopt and apply consistent writing strategies and methods in order to support writing in every aspect of learning.


Word study is where reading and writing success begins. It provides a systematic way of practicing sounds, letters, and word meanings. Odyssey's tutors use the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum with students.  SPELL-Links is a speech to print, structured literacy approach that maximizes what students already know about oral language as the means for all students to achieve success with reading, writing, and spelling skills.


The fundamentals of oral expression skills are integrated into the teaching of all subject matter. These skills build students’ abilities to define, explain, describe, and summarize.  In addition, oral competency is vital to a child’s socialization as it impacts friendships and relationships with teachers. Odyssey’s program recognizes and nurtures the child’s emerging ability to express thoughts, feelings, needs, and complex concepts with precision and ease.

Children showcase these skills in class presentations, at assemblies, during drama productions, and in their culminating moment—their graduation speeches.