Our mission is to share Odyssey's expertise in dyslexia education with the greater community. 

The Odyssey School Outreach Program's primary focus is to increase awareness of dyslexia and related language learning differences in the greater community, and to facilitate the early identification of children at risk for language learning differences.

In addition, Odyssey is committed to supporting on-going research into the most effective teaching methods for children with language learning differences, and to provide training and professional development in best practices in the field of dyslexic education. 

Outreach Initiatives

Workshops and Presentations 

As a part of Odyssey's commitment to developing lifelong learning in parents, teachers, and the greater community in the area of language learning differences, Odyssey provides a variety of presentations, professional development workshops to professionals and parents throughout the year. Odyssey's faculty and administration are available to present to schools and organizations on a myriad of topics concerning dyslexia, language learning differences, and early intervention.

Free Early Language and Literacy Screening 

Recognizing the compelling research that highlights the importance of early identification of students' needs and the potency of intervention, Odyssey seeks opportunities to identify students as young as four and five years old who are at risk for reading failure. Odyssey uses highly trained, certified and experienced professionals to provide this free screening service to children who are four to eight years of age.

School and Community Partnerships 

Committed to the ongoing relationship with organizations in the greater community who support the development of children with language learning differences, Odyssey establishes and maintains relationships with several area groups and professionals.

Internships for Area College Students

The Odyssey School opens its doors each year to students from area colleges looking to learn more about education, language learning differences, speech pathology, and related fields.