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It is essential for students with dyslexia and language learning differences to develop a solid foundation in the terminology and essential concepts of mathematics. The ultimate goal of the math program is to have our students be effective problem solvers by being able to increase their understanding of key concepts and procedures.  All students must be equipped to apply mathematics in their personal life and in future studies.

We aim to foster in our students the ability to compute fluently and to solve problems creatively, resourcefully, and flexibly. We understand that the same language-based challenges that impact our students in other academic arenas may present difficulties for them  in understanding and applying the language of math. We remain committed to utilizing different approaches in order to develop this crucial component of the Odyssey curriculum.

Learning occurs by doing, rather than by simply watching and listening. Concepts are presented with increasing depth and complexity, and are consistently reviewed and practiced. Students are placed in small groups according to their aptitude and learning style in math. Each child is appropriately challenged, regardless of whether math is a strength or a relative weakness.



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