A community embracing students with dyslexia and language learning differences.

Specialized Instruction

Learning and Innovation

Providing instruction for every student to develop the skills to learn how to learn.

Our students' innate inquisitiveness, sense of wonder, and the ability to think flexibly is highly valued at Odyssey. Opportunities for learning promote critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing, and making connections. Students are engaged in daily activities where they can imagine, question, challenge, and create. Our students develop a love of learning and view it as a lifelong process for future success.

A Road Map to Success

Students with dyslexia and language learning differences require direct, explicit teaching in the language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and in the executive function skills.

Mainstream schools expect students to be increasingly independent in study habits, organization, and time management skills. Without explicit instruction and support in these skills, students who are in other schools may experience frustration and apathy.

Odyssey's program helps each student understand his or her unique learning profile and provides individualized strategy instruction aimed at helping students to build on their strengths while learning to compensate for their weaknesses, and develop the self-advocacy skills and confidence needed to succeed in future academic settings.

Explicit Instruction

These skills are fundamental to everything that needs to be accomplished each day. Most importantly, the executive function skills coupled with the language skills empower the student to be an effective, independent learner. The executive function skills consist of organization, self-talk that drives performance, the ability to regulate emotions, the capacity to channel energies, and the process of being able to plan, execute and complete a task.

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