A community embracing students with dyslexia and language learning differences.

The Importance of Early Identification and Early Literacy Instruction

Early identification and intervention for dyslexia and other language learning

differences are key to the future academic success and self-esteem of the child.

Highly capable teachers and an intensive, individualized program are important components for successful early intervention.The failure to acquire fundamental early literacy skills reduces the opportunities for children to develop reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary development, and an appreciation and love for reading.

The following abilities predict the future reading achievement for a child:

  • Oral Language (Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary, Verbal Formulation)
  • Phonological Awareness ( the ability to discriminate sounds in words)
  • Rapid Automatic Naming (ability to quickly and accurately retrieve labels)

Phonological awareness is a fundamental area of language development, and can be easily assessed at an early age.

A weakness in phonological awareness is a clear sign of a child having difficulty in acquiring early reading skills.

See our Resources for Parents section that highlights more signs of dyslexia.

Early Literacy Program For Five and Six Year Olds

A child’s future success in school and later in life is dependent on the literacy skills they develop and acquire in the early years.

Though the development of these literacy skills is a lifelong process, and it is critical that the child in the early years is provided with a rich language program delivered by specially trained teachers using proven methods. Providing children with a language rich early literacy program is critical to later achievement in school and beyond.

Recognizing the compelling research that highlights the importance of early identification of students' needs and the potency of early intervention, The Odyssey School's Kayak program is designed to help young children who are at risk for reading difficulties.

The focus of the Kayak class is on developing important literacy skills and a love of learning in the lives of five and six year old children who would be challenged in a more traditional classroom.

Highly trained teachers implement proven methodologies in developing the early literacy skills in young children. The small class size affords children with individualized and specialized instruction that cultivates early literacy, language growth, and a love for learning.

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