Support from an entire community has made Odyssey a leader in educating students with dyslexia and language learning differences.

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Odyssey is a community of support that has made, and continues to make, this School a place where students with dyslexia thrive as they develop strategies for success. This supportive community has nurtured many alumni who have moved on from Odyssey to become successful students and young adults.

What Odyssey accomplishes touches the lives of people in the greater community. The contributions from those who have been inspired to help change the lives of students with dyslexia have made all the difference.

Here are some examples of ways that our community has partnered together to fulfill the mission and vision of the school:

Support for students comes from teachers and tutors who educate children as individuals, paying attention to each child’s learning differences.

Philanthropic support has provided Odyssey’s extraordinary campus and buildings as well as the School’s outstanding educational opportunities and financial aid.

Volunteer parents, grandparents and trustees fulfill vital roles in the Odyssey community. Beginning in 1994 when six families stepped forward to found the School, dedicated volunteers have continued to serve the school and its students.